Safe, Fast & Private Online Urine Test.

Monitor your reproductive health at your convenience from anywhere. Screen yourself for Urinary Tract Infections.

Get Started

How it Works

  • 1
    Get Urine Strip

    Get the urine reagent test strip from a pharmacy or an authorized urine reagent test strip seller.

  • 2
    Start Testing

    In a place of your convenience connect your device to the internet and log in to your private account.

  • 3
    Input Signs

    Start your screening test now by inputting your signs and symptoms then proceed to visual testing.

  • 4
    Collect Urine Sample

    In a place or room of your privacy with enough light, collect your urine sample in a clean and dry pee cup.

  • 5
    Input Sample Results

    Dip the urine test strip in the urine sample, take it out then match the strip colors to the application.

  • 6
    Check Your Results

    The information you input is processed and a notification is sent in your private account in less than 2 minutes.

  • 7
    View Results

    In the application menu, there will be (1) new results where you can instantly view your results.

  • 8
    Save Results

    Save a copy of your results for further testing in case the app advises you need to see a doctor.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. Before you get started

Make sure you have a urine reagent test strip and access to a good internet connection for instant results. Then sign in to your private account here 

2. Where to get the urine reagent test strips

Urine reagent test strips are available in pharmacies or medical and pharmaceutical products distributors.

3. What types of test strips can be used

We built the platform in consideration with The Mission® Urinalysis Strips because they are readily available in our health centers, many markets and have comparable performance.

4. What are results valid

Results are valid when you input signs and symptoms you are experiencing and match all results from the strip you had dipped in urine to the visual test section.

5. Results recommend you see a doctor

Don’t panic, urine tract infections are treatable. Save a copy of your test results and send them to a doctor of your choice for review and feedback.

6. What happens when you sign up

Access to your information is safe and private and only accessible by the user unless you decide to share with a doctor of their choice for review. Learn more about our privacy policy

7. For asymptomatic and symptomatic use

Incase some circumstances you may be an asymptomatic UTI patient with negative urine test strip results, in this circumstance, please consult your doctor.

8. Is HerHealth Kit for me

Anyone can use HerHealth Kit and get instant test results. The urine test strips are not intended for diagnosis but to screen for infections, if you want a diagnosis please consult your doctor.

9. Results and Display

The results may vary because the colors of different monitors and/or computers and mobile devices vary and may not be compatible with strip brands used.

10. Effective and correct results interpretation

One urine test strip should only be used once and the urine sample collected in a clean and dry pee collection cup for the result to be effective and correctly interpreted.

What the community is saying about HerHealth Kit?

Her Health kit's vision to provide women with the tools necessary to make a data-informed decision concerning her health, from the comfort of her home and at an affordable price is groundbreaking for the market.

Greene N

Founder BodyQ

The HerHealth Kit is one kind of innovation, as a Medical Scientist, I believe that HerHealth Kit’s attempt to bridge this gap is such a great innovation that should be met with applause.

Lutaaya James

Medical Scientist

A very passionate and inspirational team that loves to learn, explore and innovate.

Catherine Mwesigwa Kizza

Deputy Editor, New Vision, Uganda

I believe HerHealth Kit is an awesome innovation! It represents a remarkable example of how we can use technology to solve issues that directly affect us using materials that so aptly fit out context.

Ivan Mworozi

Co-Founder Akiba